Pathanal 5

VHF/UHF/MW/AM Path Profile and Link Analysis Software

(CE and STD Editions now available, PRO Edition: Available September 2017)

Pathanal 5 is a feature rich VHF/UHF/MW/AM path engineering application to generate terrestrial path profiles, space diversity engineering, display system diagrams/route maps on Google Maps and Google Earth, analyze and create Link Analysis and Reliability reports, and more .....

Utilizing a seamless user interface, Pathanal 5 minimizes manual keyboard data entry and excessive program navigation between multiple screens, pop-up windows, and drop-down menus.

Path profiles can be generated for all combinations of each site, all selected sites, or a single site to all other sites. All with a single mouse click !

With a slider or a mouse click, raise or lower primary and diversity antennas, adjust Fresnel zones, display antenna sector footprints, track path profiles points along a Google Map, display path reflections points for all antenna configurations, and create and print path studies for link analysis and reliability calculations.

The VHF/UHF/MW and Adaptive Modulation Link Analysis is easy to use. With the RadiantTxl program editors you create radio equipment parameters, antenna type information, and transmission line loss types. Import RadiantTxl equipment, antenna, and transmission line components into the Link Analysis Manager, fine tune a few parameters or settings if required, and mouse click to generate your report.
  • Seamless user interface program navigation
  • Site data input with keyboard, Excel spreadsheet, or SQLite database
  • Drag / Drop antenna name between grids to create a path
  • Elevation Data: NED13, NED1 | SRTM1, SRTM3 | CDED50 | GES
  • Elevation data inventory displayed on Google Map
  • Google Elevation Service (GES) data for real time world-wide path profile generation
  • Raise / lower primary and diversity antenna heights with a slider
  • Reflection Points / Space Diversity / Diffraction Loss / Fade Margins / Reliability Calculations
  • System Diagram (Route Map) displayed on Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Link Analysis & Reports for VHF/UHF/MW and Adaptive Modulation
  • Create equipment parameters, antenna type information, and transmission line loss types database

Path Profiles

Offering a variety of styles, path profiles are easy to interpret, contain pertinent site and path information, and are printed to PDF.
Path profiles can be generated with NED1/13, SRTM1/3, CDED50 (Canada) and Google Elevation Service (GES) data.

Site Manager - Path Manager

Site Manager contains the site information, Path Manager are the individual links.
Drag / Drop two Site Manager Antenna Names to the Path Manager From / To and the link is created.

Path Profile Management

Manage path profiles points. Add building or tree obstructions.
Easily manage path profile parameters. With a slider, raise / lower antenna heights, adjustable Fresnel zones, track path profile points, track LOS and Fresnel zone values.
Display and rotate variable beamwidth sector footprints on Google Maps. POI's (Placemark Pins) can also be displayed.

Visual Elevation Data Inventory - Route Map / System Diagrams

Inventory of elevation data is displayed on Google Map. Click on Google Map to download USGS NED1/13 elevation data.
Route Maps displayed on white canvas, Google Maps, and Google Earth. Google Earth options to display Fresnel zone, path obstructions, path line clamped to ground.

Link Analysis

The Link Analysis editor imports the selected RadiantTxl equipment profiles, antenna types, and transmission line loss types.

RadiantTXL - Radio Equipment Parameters, Antenna Types, And Tranmission Line Loss Types

Create and import your own databases into the Path Analysis.