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Free software programs and utilities developed by Micropath


An online path profile utility. Enter coordinates and click Submit. A Google Elevation Data Services path profile is generated. Nothing fancy but provides a quick look at a path. Best viewed in FireFox.

You can also Geocode a street address or location. Enter coordinates for Site A and the street address or location for Site B. Click the GeoCode button.

The Site A and Site B markers can also be dragged and dropped. A new path profile will be generated.

Use Quick Profile


Distance, Azimuth, Elevation Calculator. Enter latitude / longitude coordinates, click Calculate.

Download DAZEL

Open or download DAZEL Help


Displays single or multiple system diagrams or routemaps on Google Maps. System information and links are created using an Excel spreadsheet. Excellent tool to visualize your system layout overlayed on a map background.
System Requirements: Internet Explorer, Internet connection.

Download RouteMap

Open or download RouteMap Help


Transmission line loss reference. Select up to 3 transmission line types. Line loss attenuation vs. frequency are graphed. English / metric units.

Download TxLRolodex


Displays system info. Helpful if trouble shooting program installation and conflicts with Windows 7/8 UAC / folder read/write permissions.

Download MpSysInfo