LOS 3D   --    $200

Display your LOS path in Google Earth 3D

Main Screen View

Manually enter information for a single path or batch process multiple links using an Excel spreadsheet for data input. Google Earth KML / KMZ files are created. Select the Google Earth tab and import single or multiple LOS 3D created KML/KMZ files.

Three Fresnels zones can be displayed: left, right, and under the LOS line. Left and right Fresnel zones are used to visually see the clearance between the LOS path and buildings or structures.

User selectable colors and settings.

Building View

Building view presentation can supplement your written report.

Building Blocks Path LOS

Designing a path in a downtown area? Not familiar with the proximity of adjacent buildings? 3D view shows it all !

Terrain View

3D terrain view shows blocked path. A 2D path profile will show the blocked path but a 3D view provides additional emphasis to the customer.

Elevation Path Line and Profile

The 3D elevation path line that follows the terrain along the path is displayed in Aqua color and is clamped to the ground. The Google Earth elevation profile is displayed at the bottom.

Path LOS Through Trees

Contractor designed and built this link. Customer wondered why path reliability was so poor. Vegetation and path LOS don't mix well!

Path LOS Through Buildings And Trees

Customer wanted 30 foot antenna AGL height. Contractor presented to customer that 30 foot antenna AGL was not going to work.