Pathanal V4   --    $1250

VHF/UHF/Microwave Path Profile and Link Analysis

Main Screen View

Intuitive entry of transmitter and receiver parameters for Sites A and B. Mouse click functionality to generate path profile, view ERP/Fade Margin. View multiple links in system project file.

Quick Profile

Enter site coordinates and click Generate Profile. Smart latitude / longitude coordinate entry advances data input position between coordinate fields. Coordinates can be entered in DMS, DM, DEG format.

Custom Profile

Add tree and building obstructions, calculate antenna centerline heights, clearance to Fresnel zone calculations, reflections points and space diversity antennas (determine optimum vertical separation between primary and diversity antennas).

Space Diversity

The so-called "camel humps" are used to determine optimum vertical separation between primary and diversity antennas. As the primary antenna signal goes into a deep fade, the diversity signal strength is increasing. With optimum vertical separation, the peaks and valleys have a constant signal level during fading cycles of either antenna. The X-axis represents changing values of K. From left to right Kgrazing to Kinfinity to K negative. The Y-axis represents the loss of signal (dB) during a fade for the primary antenna (blue) and the diversity antenna (red).

Link Analysis Report

Comprehensive Link Analysis Report. Site informatino, TX power, RX threshold level, antenna gains, equipment gains / losses, fade margin, and received signal level (RSL) are shown.